2 Simple Tools for Conscious Parenting


Photo courtesy of Jessi Moon-Conder

I’m on a mission to let every parent know how powerful their own inner intuition is in protecting and guiding their family. We live in a society that relies on doctors and professionals of all kinds to tell us what decisions to make in our lives.

For all of their collected experience and research, even pediatric professionals do not have all the evidence needed to make correct decisions for you and the safety of your family. For example, many doctors will still tell you to let your baby cry it out. However, through neuroscience, we now know that this is highly detrimental to the baby’s nervous system and can cause severe trauma symptoms like A.D.H.D. as well as other behavior issues later in life. Allowing your baby to cry alone in their crib for sleep training is often still recommended today. Why is this? Shockingly, professionals and doctors don’t have the up-to-date awareness on what our systems need to optimally function and develop.  As parents, we need to step up our own awareness.

If we can instead learn to trust ourselves, we will naturally be guided to the same truths that new science is discovering because you are that which is being discovered! When you learn to look within, you learn to connect with the innate intelligence that created you and the entire universe.  It knows what it needs for an optimal existence. You are this intelligence and this intelligence is within you–we just need to teach you how to tune into it and listen.

How connected are you with the source of wisdom within you?

Through guidance and practice you can develop your intuitive sense as one of the main tools of conscious parenting.  Intuition is your single most powerful tool to help you protect your child and ensure that you are raising your child successfully.

Here are two tools for developing your intuition and consciousness:

1. Shaktipat Meditation – The reason why this meditation works for developing intuition is because it literally develops the higher centers of the brain! Practicing Shaktipat meditation will help bring energy up your spine into your brain and stimulate the parts of the brain that are dormant. It is also extremely euphoric. You will feel like you’re getting a tingling massage all around your brain, especially at the crown.  You will also have so much more energy to get all the things done we busy parents need to get done!  And all it takes is about 10 minutes:

  1. Sit on the couch or find a comfortable seat.
  2. Close your eyes and draw your focus by staring at the area above and between your eyebrows.
  3. Imagine breathing in light through this point.  Take deep breaths inhaling light and exhaling all stresses, thoughts, and worries.

Download a free meditation tool from my website www.LetsEnlightenTogether.com to learn more about this powerful meditation.

2.  S.T.O.P. – This is for managing stressful situations correctly.

– is for STOP. Anytime you get anxious, mad, sad, and whatever doesn’t feel good. Just Stop.

T– is for TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Take some deep breaths into your belly by pushing the belly out as you inhale and exhale slowly pushing the belly in.

O – is for OBSERVE. Observe the situation, your mind, and your child’s reactions without doing anything. Observe as if you have floated above your head to look at everything objectively.

– is for PERSPECTIVE on PEACE.  Ask yourself silently, “How can I bring more Peace and Love into this moment?” What perspective or action will create more peace and love in this moment?”  Then listen in the silence for inspiration on what to do in that moment.

You now posses two tools for accessing your intuition and developing your consciousness. These two tools will change your entire life with practice! Try them out and let me know how it goes!


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Jessi Conder-Moon
Jessi Moon has a mobile private spiritual counseling practice for parents and their children in Orange County. She is a teacher through The Self Awareness Institute and also holds meditation and conscious parenting workshops.

Visit www.LetsEnlightenTogether.com to receive two free guided meditations and to follow her blog on conscious parenting! Support for conscious parenting and your spiritual evolution is here!