About Breathe OC

Founded in May 2014, Breathe OC’s mission is to spread light and conscious living, covering yoga + health, wellness, fashion, arts, family & lifestyle.

Breathe One Community is an authentic, heart-centered platform which allows us to feature quality coverage of the many avenues of conscious living within our community and support everyone in their physical, emotional & spiritual practice. We are passionate about delivering unique conscious content, while holding a space to inspire, uplift, and unite our community.

Advertise and grow with us!

  • 10k+ Monthly Unique Visitors
  • 20k+ Monthly Visits
  • 1,600+ Facebook Likes

Some advertising opportunities include:

  • Website & online social media platforms including Facebook, Youtube, & Instagram
  • Flat-rate & fixed placement
  • Cutting edge Video Advertorial Engagement using HD Recording, Audio & Photos, and Motion Graphics
  • Premiere partners who have similar demographics as your business

For more information, including pricing, please download our 2015 Media Kit.