April 2015 Love Note from the Editor: Speaking Your Truth

Photo courtesy of Rob Karleskint

Photo courtesy of Rob Karleskint

“Be Impeccable With Your Word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

Dear Breathe One Community,

This past month tested our patience and ability to adapt to both the highs and the lows. One moment we are celebrating and honoring our earth. The next moment we are witnessing our relatives of Nepal suffer the loss of over seven thousand with rising deaths from a massive earthquake. Multiple earthquakes and volcanic eruptions from all over the world have forced us to stop and reflect on our own inner truth which is fighting to emerge, and sometimes erupt out of us. Our earth is yet another reflection, or mirror of what lies beneath the surface.

These recent earth expressions can bring forth a roller coaster of emotions, leaving us feeling volatile, angry, and confused. The extreme polarities have forced us to stretch our abilities to anchor our vibration to a neutral ground. We have been called to embrace the unknown and find new ways to cope, heal, and keep our vibration as high as possible. Emotions are the senses of our soul. By acknowledging, questioning and working through them, we gain the opportunity to see the deeper truths they represent. Our truth is emerging stronger than ever. Things we use to put up with, we are no longer standing for. Speaking and owning our truth is as vital to our own growth as it is in our collective consciousness.

Now is the time to utilize conscious communication through expressing and listening from a neutral, non-emotional state. We can conquer our fear of pleasing others, and stop repressing our feelings by putting aside our ego. We must speak our truth and be authentic. We must soberly listen to the truth being expressed around us. We must surround ourselves with others who speak the truth. Remember, it is only temporary when we feel ourselves falling out of balance between the dark and the light. Though it can be overwhelming at times, it is important to feel, process, and fight our way back to our true nature, peace.

May we rest each night not clinging to the horrors of the past, but honoring them by holding their lessons dear in our hearts. We pray the changes your journey has presented this past month has empowered you to speak your truth, as well as listen to the truth surrounding you. In this year of infinity may we continue to express from our highest self, love and embrace the truth of others, and rally together to support those in need. May we live our truth, manifest our highest vibration, and LIVE FULLY NOW!

One Breath, One Community, One Love.

Abigail Danielle Tyler

Chief Editor