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We are passionate about providing unique conscious content here at Breathe OC.  We value your talent and appreciate your contribution to our growing community!  If you are interested in becoming a writer or wish to submit an article, please email


Article Guideline

The Article Guideline ensures the quality we want to deliver to our readers.

Word Count:

  • Feature article: Anywhere between 800-1,500 words. Please stay under 1,500.
  • All other articles: No minimum word count, but anywhere between 300-600 words. Please stay under 600.

Tone:  Inclusive, informative, and generally positive. Take a look at our previous issues to get a sense of what we’re looking for.

Title:  Please come up with a catchy title for your article. A good title has the potential to grab attention and get people to read your piece.

Original Content:  We ask that posts submitted be unique and original content.  Please let us know if your article has been published or submitted elsewhere.

Compensation:  Sorry, we are unable to compensate writers at this time.


  1. Please email to request access to Breathe OC Portal.
  2. Your login credentials will be provided via email.
  3. Log into Breathe OC Portal with your credentials to save or edit your article.
  4. Articles are more engaging with pictures. As such, please include photos with your article—either photos you take yourself or photos taken with permission from the appropriate person.  (Please attach mid or high resolution pictures in JPEG or PNG format.)


** By submitting your article to Breathe OC, you acknowledge that you accept our terms, and any form of editing that might occur on behalf of the Breathe OC editorial team.


Should you have any further questions don’t hesitate to email  Thank you for sharing your voice!

Breathe OC Editorial Team