Dr. Bill Demoss Practices What He Preaches


Photo Courtesy of Dr. Bill Demoss

Anyone who has ever met Dr. Bill DeMoss can testify to his commanding presence. His bright eyes and trustworthy smile ensure that you listen to what he has to say–and indeed, he is experienced and proficient about several topics worthy of your attention. As a chiropractic doctor who owns his own practice at DeMoss Chiropractic, he is a busy man, but he can often be found surfing the waves at Pier 56 of Newport Beach during his lunch breaks. Thriving on a pescetarian, organic, mostly raw diet, he is the epitome of optimal health. Dr. Bill is one of those “lucky” people who seem to have limitless energy who can do anything and everything. However, it is not luck that got him to where he is at–he owes his destiny to a lifelong dedication of practicing what he preaches on holistic health. What makes Dr. Bill exceptional is that he made a decision a long time ago to follow a path that allows him to share his knowledge with others.


Photo Courtesy of Dr. Bill Demoss

Dr. Bill believes that, “our greatest wealth is our health.” With almost 30 years in the holistic field, he has seen enough proof that the human body is capable of healing itself from various illnesses and diseases with the right nutrition, exercise, therapy, and mindset. The key is taking a well-rounded approach to heal oneself. His goal is to empower people by helping them understand how the human body functions so that we can make wiser decisions about our health and well-being on our own. Education plays a major role in his mission in helping others and their families. When he’s not adjusting spines, he can be found teaching at various workshops, putting together his own publication, and speaking at nationwide seminars or events.

Every year in the spring, Dr. Bill Demoss hosts Cal Jam–the largest health and wellness event held locally at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. The lineup includes speakers who are at the forefront of their respective industries sharing cutting-edge information and techniques. There are live bands who share the stage and a black tie gala dinner that follows. The purpose of Cal Jam is “to serve as a venue where like-minded professionals can express their desire to change the world and share their passion to increase human potential by providing access to the world’s leading experts on health and sustainability.” The unique atmosphere fosters a community of truth seekers that make natural solutions more available as an option ensuring the well-being of future generations to come.


Photo Courtesy of Dr. Bill Demoss