February 2015 Love Note from the Editor: Sedona

Photo courtesy of Robert Sturman

Photo courtesy of Robert Sturman


“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.” ~ Louisa May Alcott

Dear Breathe One Community,

The Roman month Februarius comes from the Latin term februum, meaning purification. Purification is to make clean, clear, purge, to free from guilt. We survived the deep cleanse of this past Mercury Retrograde, allowing our intuition to seek out the extraordinary. We reflected on the past, and perhaps even interacted with people from our past. We practiced our patience and learned lessons of forgiveness. All of the various experiences we welcomed in swelled and crashed on the shores of our every evolving illusion. These waves churn to purify our spirit and shed light on our journey.

My teacher, Guru Singh says “every journey is like a flower; trust is the seed that will blossom into the perfect path with each step.” Our journey this month began in the desert. We drove east to Arizona for the Sedona Yoga Festival. Sedona is known for being a spiritual power center with stunning red rocks, beautiful landscapes, and super charged vortexes. These swirling centers of spiraling energy emerge from the earth. This spiritual mecca lures people on a path committed to growth.

Before my trip I heard various stories from others who’ve visited Sedona. Many felt magnified emotions, heightened intuition, and super charged energy. My experience was a fierce and beautiful storm which surfaced the hidden mirrors of my sub-conscious mind. “I am Love. I am Light. I offer myself to the Divine.” This was the intention I set at the opening ceremony. Each day I found myself repeating this over and over, opening the doors of my mind. Messages from the universe emerged from the damp clay underneath my feet as I walked her sacred ground. The wind whispered soft, seductive invitations to look within. The sun burned away layers of untruth which I had allowed to bind me.

It’s been three weeks since I got back from Sedona and I still have a longing for her in my heart. Her crisp fresh air, vast red landscape, and glorious rocks provided me a powerful transmission. She has a grasp that anchors itself into your very soul. It is not an easy spell to break. It’s common for visitors to return to her again and again. Each visit strips away the false layers of illusion to reveal and celebrate a new you. The storm she provides purifies with love to carry your ship through the deepest of waters.

We pray that your journey this past month provided the necessary tools to weather the storm. In this year of infinity may we continue to open our hearts and purify our deepest dreams and desires. May we conquer our challenges, acknowledge our power, and LIVE FULLY NOW!

One Breath, One Community, One Love.

Abigail Danielle Tyler
Chief Editor