Hunt for the White Whale of Yoga Pants


It’s a humid, muggy day in Orange County. I slip on my first pair of white cotton yoga shorts. Not happy with the transparency in the seat, I layer on a second pair. Wiggling like a cartoon to get the seams of both pairs to match up, I feel my temperature rising. I stand up straight to survey the outfit in the mirror. My legs feel and look like two constricted white sausages. I take the shorts off and change into my trusty skinny stretch jeans, in preparation for teaching my next Kundalini yoga class.


The search for the white whale of yoga pants has kept me at sea. As a Kundalini Yoga teacher, I make an effort to sport the traditional all white ensemble encouraged by my Kundalini teacher training school. Wearing all white expands our auric radiance by at least one foot, allowing us as teachers to project our fullest capacity of inner radiance. My dilemma has been finding stylish and sturdy white yoga pants that are not transparent. “Don’t do crack” has a whole new meaning when practicing Kundalini Yoga frog exercises in sheer white leggings.

With an optimistic and adventurous spirit, I began contacting local yoga apparel companies to find the perfect pair of white yoga pants. All pants were ran through the washer for three cycles on cold and hung dry. Wearing a nude seamless thong underneath, I modeled them for a team of fellow Kundalini yogis, both male and female. We rated these yoga pants in three categories on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the highest. Here’s what we found:



The closest I got to catching my white whale was the Romance Mesh Ballet Legging by Kira Grace. The minimal transparency with style and grace swept me away into an ocean of decorous bliss. And there I’ll remain, forever at sea, searching for my white whale of yoga pants.



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  1. Absolutely LOVED this article. Clever and funny…dealing with a timely issue…derriere coverage. I check all of my yoga pants for transparency before teaching, as I hope my students feel free and transparent in their practice (and that they don’t have to witness my posterior feeling the same freedom). Way to go, Abigail! Can’t wait to try a few brands you mentioned that I haven’t tried as of yet. My Hard Tail pants are generally my go-to :) xoxo

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