Interview with the Guru Killer

Photo courtesy of Mark Alan Diaz

Photo courtesy of Mark Alan Diaz


This past summer Breath One Community attended Yoga Journal Live in San Diego. We had an amazing time experiencing classes by so many gifted teachers. Here is our interview with the founder of Budokon University, and the creator of Budokon Yoga & Martial Arts Systems. Cameron Shayne is an artist, innovator, and movement pioneer known as The Guru Killer. For more information visit


As a teacher, how do you help build our yoga community?

Authenticity. The building blocks to the community are it’s individuals, in this case, yogis or yoga practitioners. For Budokon we are looking to build a community of authentic practitioners because when people are authentic, when people are honest and transparent and fully self expressed, then they can bring the best qualities to a community.

What advice do you have for new teachers looking to make a name or brand for themselves?

Make sure that you are sharing your authentic personality and your authentic skills and passions rather than what you think the market needs or wants. Be true to what you love, to what you believe, to what is truly you and when you do that, people will read that authentic message, that genuine offering and they’ll receive it. It will be pleasing to the palate. Everything’s been done except for you, you are what’s original.

What is your favorite way to create your work/life balance?

I don’t really separate these realities because I see them as one expression of me. I give back to myself in every exchange. We all require a little bit of silence and stillness, and I find that when it’s appropriate.


Photo courtesy of Mark Alan Diaz

Photo courtesy of Mark Alan Diaz