January 2015 Love Note from the Editor: Angels

Photo courtesy of Cameron Wayne Tyler

Photo courtesy of Cameron Wayne Tyler

“I am not the person I was yesterday, not the person I was before.
Like the ever crashing waves of the sea, I continue to birth a new me.
Ascending, receding, I crash and depart, with every wave pulsing deep in my heart.
I miss not the woman who’ve I’ve left behind, but embrace the new me, simply I AM.”
~ Abigail Danielle Tyler

Dear Breathe One Community,

If January is a glimpse of how the remaining year will unfold, we are in for a ride. My year started off with a visit from the Angels. After twice avoiding what I at first considered a pointless chain email, I later surrendered when a third person in less than two months sent it to me. In my experience, when you keep getting the same messages over and over, it’s best to pay attention and listen to what the universe has to teach. So it began, cleaning my house, preparing an alter, writing my three wishes in a sealed envelope and welcoming them in. I did everything I could possibly think of to be as rebellious as I could in my preparations, making the rules up as they came. My stubbornness dissolved the moment I opened the door. A sudden serenity and humility washed over me and the next five days proved to open the many doors of my heart I thought were forever closed. I realized during this time this simple act or ritual was sent to help me realize it was never needed in the first place. Angels, Spirit, The Universe, God, has always been within me, and will always surround me.

Regardless of our world’s many different practices and beliefs, we have learned through quantum physics that nothing is actually solid, everything is vibrating energy. Our physical body: bones, organs, and muscles are made of molecules and atoms such as carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. All organic matter containing carbon was produced originally in stars, we are stardust. We come from ONE source and return to it upon our death, all part of the infinite cycle of generating, organizing and destroying. Being alive in our physical body is a gift to experience. We are constantly organizing, shifting, changing, and growing. These experiences shape who we are today. Each day we have a choice to resist or flow with this constant wave of change. Some days are much harder than others, and it can seem unbearable to continue moving forward towards growth. During these times especially we must remember we are more than this body, this mind. We are vast, and have the entire universe within us, and surrounding us.

After my visit ended, my wishes continued to unfold around me. I discovered answers to questions weighing heavy on my mind. I experienced the truth of forgiveness and made peace with two of my immediate family members whom I have not had a relationship for in over fifteen and four years. Most importantly, I made peace with myself. I refuse to live in fear and wholeheartedly surrender my life to infinite love and gratitude. We all experience our own challenges and battles. In this year of infinity may we support and uplift one another, rise to those challenges, come into our power and LIVE FULLY NOW!

One Breath, One Community, One Love.

Abigail Danielle Tyler
Chief Editor