Natural Beauty Ingredients for Inside & Out


Photo courtesy of Dedra Seip

When I was growing up on the farm, my mother’s beauty supplies were very simple-they consisted of basic ingredients like castor oil, herbal balms, cotton gauzes, some makeup and a few products from the store. I was raised with an awareness of nature’s power to create not only health, but beauty. Trying new things brings me joy, so I try beauty products from around the world and various sources. I have tried many famous, expensive face creams and beauty products, but time and time again, go back to Natures wisdom for the best results. It has been clearly proven to me that the simplest ingredients produce the best results. I have also discovered that some of my favorite foods to use on the inside are some of the best to use on the outside, applied to my skin! This is one of my secrets for what I call a dynamic life. I am able to get more done, with better results, using less money and time, all with the grace and safety of nature’s secrets. I steadfastly refuse quick fixes and unnatural treatments. I am proud to be a natural beauty and lifestyle ambassador, and find that these simple ingredients coupled with a healthy lifestyle and good yoga practice provide better results! At age 39, I let my face and body speak for itself! What follows is just a taste of a few ingredients I like to use inside and outside.

Peaches have long been a mystical symbol for women’s fertility and beauty. Aphorisms about the peach and how it compares to the freshness of a beautiful woman abound. Each year when the peaches are ripe on the tree, I hand select cases of them from Organic farmers and make a variety of delectable dishes. Peach jam is my perennial favorite as a thank you gift. While I am canning I take the leftover skin and pits and pack them into large jars over which I pour brandy. This makes an excellent internal tonic for women’s longevity, drinking a small thimbleful daily. Peach pits contain many compounds which are safe in small doses and produce wonderful results in the radiance of the eyes and skin, as well as the endocrine system of women.

While I am making jam, after the pot is empty, I take what would normally be washed away and scrape it into a small jar. I use the peach jam as a daily exfoliant for the face, neck and décolleté. It is powerful, but gentle enough for daily use. Costly products made from “fruit acids” line the beauty aisle of health and department stores. They are very expensive and try to produce the same results. While the home counterpart is sticky and sweet, it works BETTER than anything I’ve ever found for sale. It also has the added benefits of no preservatives or contribution to plastic manufacturing and animal testing. Your popularity will soar not only as a result of your glowing complexion, but because everyone will want their own jar of your jam!


Photo courtesy of Dedra Seip

I love using clay as an internal supplement. My favorites are zeolite and bentonite. Both are used internally as powerful absorbents for toxins, and as part of many serious intestinal or whole body cleanses. I first learned about the use of clay internally when I began fasting over twenty years ago using the Arise and Shine Program, developed by Dr. Richard Anderson. In between cleanings, I will use clays internally if my stomach gets disordered as a result of overindulgence.

I also keep it around for use on my face and body. The day of spending huge dollars on tiny jars of clay masks for my face are gone. Why do that when I can custom make my masks for pennies from the same jar I have in the pantry? Clay masks are used on the skin in the same way they are used internally, to draw out impurities. They are great for oily skin, acne, and enlarged pores. Clay masks are also wonderful for rashes, bee stings, and burns. Many cutting edge physicians also use larger clay packs on parts of the body such as the crown of the head and feet to remove toxins and the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Clays are stable… if you add essential oils and keep it in the fridge, you can make a larger jar last several weeks.

I like to make a fresh batch when I do my “at home beauty rituals.” I start with a small bowl, add a tablespoon of dry clay, customize essential oils according to mood or particular concerns, and then hydrate the mixture with tea or rose water. First cleanse the skin. Next gently pat the clay over the skin in an even layer, and mist it repeatedly for a greater drawing effect. After about 15 minutes, remove the clay with cool water and a gentle cloth. Small pores and squeaky clean skin radiate youth, and the clay masks produce noticeable results.


Photo courtesy of Dedra Seip

Milk has been regarded as a gift of the gods in enlightened cultures from the earliest recorded history. The Egyptian Goddess Hathor rains milk down upon the blessed, nourishing those who accept her wisdom. Contrary to some trends popular locally, Vedic (Yogic) texts repeatedly state that milk is the most Sattvic of all foods, and that a diet composed of milk and its products is the best type of diet for yogis. As food, milk contains a perfect balance of fat, carbohydrate, and protein. It is one of the only food sources for fat soluble vitamins necessary for eye, brain, nerve, and reproductive health… and many of these components are only present in high quality, grass fed milk. Of course, just like with fruits and vegetables, having top quality milk is imperative. Certified Organic is an excellent first step. In this way, poisons such as glyphosate, as well as the unknown dangers presented by GMOs, are avoided. A higher quality of life is typical for even “factory organic” farms vs. their non-organic counterparts. However, I recommend to my clients to drink raw milk (from reputable sources,) and for those who feel insecure about this, I recommend dairy products from a high quality, small, low temperature, vat pasteurized, non-homogenized dairy, such as Strauss. Located in Sonoma County, Strauss has a long reputation for caring for their cows and their pastures with passion, and their milk is packaged in glass which is re-used, just like the good old days.
Lactic acid is milk acid and the second most common type of acid “peel” used in high end salons.

Cleopatra was reported to bathe in milk, and this is why! If you have never bathed in milk, I suggest you try it! It may be the most luxurious, skin soothing, and nourishing experiences of your life! The lactic acid present in the milk has a mild exfoliating effect while the fats nourish your largest organ (your skin!) giving it an ethereal glow. Butter and yogurt also make excellent facials. Yogurt is the best option for acne prone skin, or for any conditions resulting from heat (such as sunburn or rashes.) Butter is better for older, parched skin. What I like to do is called the triple whammy! First, start with a clay mask to cleanse and draw out impurities. Then, follow with a dollop of your favorite fruit as a mask. Last, finish with a milk glow treatment-whichever one suits your skin the best! Try this routine once a week, and you are sure to notice your true beauty revealed by nature!