OC Warriors Healing the Brave Heart


On Memorial Day we take time as a nation and a collectively grateful group of citizens, to commemorate the ultimate sacrifice of our fallen heroes. Americans everywhere say thank you to the men and women who never made it home. Now, more than ever, our heroes do make it back… but some struggle to really make it home. For many of these warriors depression, anxiety, and feelings of alienation prevent reintegration back in to everyday life. For the sacrifice they’ve made for their country, our veterans don’t deserve to suffer when they get home. It’s hard to imagine that 22 per day commit suicide. Enough is enough.

By sharing the healing power of yoga, we can address those struggling in the veteran community and try to enrich their lives. There are many studies that prove the therapeutic effects of yoga, specifically for aiding symptoms associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). OC Warriors offers free yoga classes to veterans and their families. The goal is to spread awareness of the growing number of victims, and to bring direct relief of their symptoms. A sense of camaraderie from practicing with fellow soldiers always brings comfort. A typical class includes a calming breath-based meditation combined with a grounding flow of movements which connect to the breath. This connection reinforces a sense of control and displays to the practitioners that they are in charge of their bodies.

OC Warriors harnesses the power of our community to share information, bring people together, and focus on a common goal. The first priority is to provide the yoga to our local veteran community. In addition, OC Warriors encourages support of various charitable groups dedicated to the same goal. Yoga events may include awareness opportunities for local charities as well as donation-based raffles. All funds raised from our 2015 Memorial Day event will go to Warriors for Healing, a nonprofit that brings awareness and facilitates healing of veterans. If you are interested in joining the OC Warriors team, please contact ocwarriorsyoga@gmail.com.