The Ancient Martial Arts of Pa-Kua

Pa Kua

Every moment holds the opportunity to be a warrior, stand up for the capital T – Truth. In every situation, you have a decision to make: Will you walk the well-worn path, or the path of your archetypal-self who is here to serve? The beauty of being a warrior is that you don’t need a sword, a gun, a bow, or be trained in a Martial Art. Although you don’t have to be skilled with a weapon or trained in combat to be a warrior, being in touch with your body and your external environment will greatly improve your ability to be a warrior. There are many forms of mindful movement that can amplify your ability to make a conscious impact on the world. Our spotlight for this article is on the ancient art of Pa Kua.


What is Pa Kua?Pa Kua Yin Yang

Pa Kua is a traditional Chinese form, which was passed down through generations of family lineages. Modernly, Pa Kua is taught through a belt or level system. Pa means Eight, Kua means Changes; therefore, the form of Eight Changes has many facets. The knowledge teaches Martial Art, Sintony Yoga, Tai-Chi, Acrobatics, Archery, Edged Weapons, Reflexology, Pa Kua Energy, and Rhythm. All these modalities offer a different technique to experience a deeper connection to Self.  What is very unique about Pa Kua is that since there is a diverse range of classes, it can be suitable for any age or fitness level.


Family Time!

Pa Kua Intl AulisPa Kua is a non-competitive, community- based environment designed for union and self-development. The lines around the symbol represent members of the family; the center of the symbol for Pa Kua is the Yin-Yang. There are many perspectives on the meaning of this emblem that commonly represents balance. Practicing aspects of Pa Kua bring realization of our limitless connectivity to all by prompting awareness of our connection to those around us—encouraging internal balance, brings us into a space of gratitude, which overflows into the external. When one begins to operate from this space, they begin to treat all living beings as family and the entire planet as home. Pa Kua nurtures a familial attitude and healing of the family unit. In fact, people whose family members include, kids, parents, and grandparents commonly run Pa Kua schools.

Pa Kua Intl Aulis


Flowing and Growing

There are over a thousand Pa Kua schools world wide and currently 13 studios registered with the Pa Kua International League in our country and 3 of them are in Orange County! Locations are in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach and Orange, and coming in June is Pa Kua Santa Ana! I recently took a Martial Art class at Pa Kua Orange with 6th Degree Black Belt Master David Clawson, and was taken on a journey inward. It provided an opportunity to become aware of my present physical state, release stress, have fun, calm the mind, and detoxify the body through heavy breathing and sweat. The class brought together members from a wide demographic within the community: short tall, young old, wide and slim. All for one and one for all.

Pa Kua Intl Aulis


Pa Kua

Pa Kua Guides You To Be A Balanced Warrior

Master David Clawson describes Pa Kua as, “A traditional martial art meant to improve your life, and make you a healthier, happier person. This practice is meant to keep the ego in check, while releasing fear.” My experience reinforces this explanation as I felt rejuvenated and in a state of appreciation. Master Clawson followed his calling to open this studio over 12 years ago. His path has cultivated community and his presence truly elevates others.

I asked Master Clawson if there was one concept he has learned from his practice that he would like to share with every person on the planet. He replied, “Everyday each person can do one thing for somebody else, in a way that they are not looking for a short term goal or anything in return, but thinking more about the future.” This statement is in alignment with what it means to be a warrior. What it means to be a warrior is to be an individual of selfless service.

Master Clawson

Pa Kua in Orange County

Newport Beach / Costa Mesa

Master Ethan Hedayat and his wife Jessica Hedayat opened Pa Kua Newport in 2006. A 3rd degree black belt, Ethan began his martial arts training in junior high, specializing in swords, weapons, tai chi and archery. A former personal trainer at Newport Workout and the YMCA, Ethan also brings his expertise to New Directions Recovery Home for Women and Children.
1812 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 929-0264

Huntington Beach
Pa Kua Pacific Coast has been serving the community for 6 years, and is directed by Master Elizabeth Filleti 5th Degree Black Belt and Master Jason Landau 4th Degree Black Belt. They both have international and national recognitions by government institutions to local organizations such as Girl Power, YMCA and Kids in Action. There is also a supporting Staff of Masters and Instructors.
4952 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92649
(714) 377-8805

Pa Kua Orange was founded 12 years ago by Master David Clawson. He is a 6th Degree Black Belt, and created a space that provides a family oriented learning environment that encourages physical, mental, and spiritual growth in the ancient Chinese traditions of Pa Kua.
55 Plaza Square, Orange, CA 92866
(714) 288-2853

Santa Ana
Pa Kua Santa Ana is Orange County’s newest location opening in June at a meditation center, The Zawiya Perspective. Master Isa Nazarian is a 1st degree teaching Sintony Yoga, Martial Arts, Edged Weapons, and Acrobatics.
1800 E Garry Ave #101, Santa Ana, CA 92705
(949) 690-3607

PJ is the Leader, Lover and Visionary of YOUnique Movement. His purpose is to be a catalyst for the evolution of human consciousness through teaching presence, perspective and a holistic lifestyle. The goal is to encourage people to treat everyone as family and the entire planet as home. He is a Certified Yogi, has a degree in Kinesiology and an insatiable hunger for Truth. PJ is an eclectic individual who serves as a Coach, Speaker, Teacher, Trainer and Writer drawing knowledge and wisdom from many arts and sciences including Integral Philosophy, Holism, Kinesiology, Psychotherapy, Nutrition, and Yoga (Hatha, Kundalini and Vinayasa). He uses a diverse toolkit to take individuals on a journey inward to become aware of the Divine and Infinite within.



  1. Rhythm teaches martial artists many combinations, which can be applied to sparring and fighting as well as providing the conditioning needed for extended practice, helping to prevent cardio-respiratory problems. In Pa Kua Rhythm, the students also learn meditation and self-defense.

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