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Summer brings travel for many people. Vacations are fun! However, travel can also bring situations that call for extra aid in comfort. Thankfully, nature has provided the savvy yogi with many solutions to soothe and ease every uncomfortable travel situation. Over the years I’ve developed an alternative “travel medicine kit” which is sure to bring grace to your summer fun. It is loaded with natural solutions for the traveling yogi. Here are some of the items to keep on hand:

Chamomile Tea 

Keep a few chamomile tea bags handy in your pouch. Chamomile (matricaria recuticia) contains high amounts of calcium and other minerals.  A cup of chamomile tea will soothe tired nerves. Chamomile is not a sedative, but has a reputation as a sedative due to its high mineral content. If you are feeling frazzled during the day, chamomile tea is a great reset button. The tea bags can also be used to refresh eyes that are tired from the strain of driving. After drinking your tea, place the cooled bags over the eyes for a quick treatment.  Chamomile also soothes red skin and can be used in the same fashion on burns and bites. Place your cooled bag over any red area or swab cool tea over heated areas with a washcloth.  Additionally, chamomile tea can be used to quickly calm an upset stomach.

Essential Oils

Public transportation and restrooms are notoriously swarming with bacteria and germs from all over the world. Any high quality essential oil makes an excellent alternative to mainstream hand sanitizers. Unlike hand sanitizers which use chemical antibiotics, essential oils never lose their effectiveness in fighting germs.  After washing your hands, just rub a few drops into your hands. Essential oils also keep the air around your personal space free of allergens and bacteria by encapsulating toxic particles and drawing them to the ground. Before and during flights, I dab a few drops onto my wrists and on the top of my head to be sure I don’t take home any unwanted travel companions.

Essential oils can also be used to protect against unwanted pests like bedbugs and mosquitoes. Just sprinkle drops on your bedding and outside of your luggage. Also, place a few drops on your pulse points for protection against bites. Drops can also be sprinkled on the beach or park grass underneath your blanket to keep everything from fleas to spiders at bay. Almost any high quality essential oil will work, pick your favorite for your travels! 

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Sage Essential Oil

One notable oil I like to travel with is sage. Sage has a uniquely balancing effect on the body and nerves. One of the easiest treatments to settle the effects of travel and protect from germs is to take a hot or cool washcloth, drop a few drops of sage on the cloth, and gently place the cloth over tired feet. The quick aromatherapy treatment will bring repose to your physical body and help you settle into your room for the night, sleep well, and wake feeling whole and refreshed. It can also be used for sanitation as mentioned above. 

QUICK TIP:  Lemon is more invigorating, while sage and lavender are both calming. If you are the type that needs extra energy and want to take only one essential oil with you, then choose lemon. If you need more calming energy, pick sage or lavender.

Nux Vomica and Arsenicu

Nux Vomica and Arsenicum are the homeopath’s go-to remedies for any type of poisoning, especially food poisoning. Adventurous travelers frequently try new foods, and for some, even minor changes in diet can bring upsets. However, these remedies are powerful enough to dramatically shorten the duration of food poisoning and prevent many of its worst symptoms if taken at the onset.  

Nux Vomica is used when the patient feels “green” and “nauseous.”  Nux Vomica is famous as the hang over remedy and a person can even take it before an event to prevent many of the symptoms of over indulging, whether in food or alcohol. Nux Vomica is frequently prescribed for Americans because it is the remedy of ‘too much of anything.’ Use Nux Vomica for any over indulgence from sugar, to wine, or a fast paced lifestyle. Arsenicum is used in cases of rapid onset poisoning with extreme lethargy. Arsenicum is for the type of upset that causes fevers and heat. Both Nux Vomica and Arsenicum are excellent remedies to use in cases of vomiting or any type of bowel upset. If you are ill and not sure which one to try, just take both! Homeopathic remedies will never harm and have no side effects. 

These simple additions to your first aid kit will set you apart from the crowd and will surely make your traveling time graceful, healthy, and mindful without the use of harmful chemicals. Nature truly provides answers for every situation the savvy traveling yogi encounters!  



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