Veggie Hot Spots In Orange County

Tis the season to eat! With the holidays upon us, it’s easy to lose sight of our healthy eating habits. While spending more time away from the house, out shopping for gifts and running errands, we are more likely to look for a convenient place to eat on the go. Some of us also use this time to take our loved ones out to eat and celebrate. And of course there are an abundance of holiday parties and functions which provide an array of foods we don’t normally include in our diet. Whatever our situation might be, we can take a balanced approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, even during the holiday season.

Orange County has a surprisingly awesome selection of healthy eateries designed to nourish your body. These four local and healthy Orange County vegan/ vegetarian restaurants were voted “Best Places To Eat” by our Breathe One Community readers. The food we sampled at these restaurants were both delicious and nutritious. Give them a visit the next time you are out and about. Many of them even offer party platters if you’d like to surprise your next holiday function with something extra special. Happy, healthy eating Breath One Community!

Au Lac