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Shamika Wells combines her passion for fashion, beauty, and yoga as an online boutique store owner, model, and yoga instructor. She is founder and creator of Treasurez Boutique, an online boutique shop that specializes in eclectic and fashionable apparel. She also shares yoga tips on her online store where she models each asana with beauty and grace. She is an inspiration to all for recognizing that the beauty within can reflect the beauty without.

What made you decide to become a yoga instructor?

I went with a friend to my first yoga class in 2009 and I’ve been practicing yoga ever since. I’m a very curious person by nature, and I remember going to Corepower Yoga and seeing people sit in the back of the room taking notes. I asked my friend, what are they doing? She told me they just went through their teacher training program and were taking notes on how to teach a class. At the time I didn’t even know they offered trainings for becoming a yoga instructor. Ever since then I felt a calling to teach. I completed my teacher training at Corepower Yoga in 2013 and teach both group and private sessions. I love everything about teaching; it really helps me stay connected and grounded.


What made you decide to start your own fashion boutique?

I’ve always loved accessories. I was constantly thinking about it and everyone always asked me where I got my jewelry from. So I decided to open Treasurez Boutique to share my love of accessories with everyone. It started as an online jewelry store and has since expanded into clothes and shoes. 

When did you launch your business?

Treasurez Boutique launched online in June 2013.

Who inspires you?

Other yogis inspire me! Watching them grow as a person and in their practice is really inspiring.

What is your favorite thing to wear to yoga class?

I love bright colors. Hot pink, neon, anything bright. I also like to wear clothes that I’m comfortable moving around in, which is why I love all the athletic wear by Lorna Jane – lots of bright colored clothing but still comfortable.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

I like to wear small earrings during yoga class. Off the mat, I love to wear statement bracelets and accessories with lots of beading. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is a bracelet from my friend made from beautiful sea shells off the coast of Peru.


Do you have a favorite gemstone or healing stone?

I love tiger’s eye and rose quartz. I wear tiger’s eye when I need to feel more grounded and rose quartz when I need to open my heart.  

What makes you feel beautiful?

I feel beautiful whenever I wear statement necklaces. I’m wearing one right now and I feel so empowered and beautiful!

What makes you feel alive?

I feel alive whenever I’m completely aware and present. I love to go to the meditation garden in Tustin Unity Church – where I can sit with myself and meditate. Being with nature and being with myself always makes me feel alive.

Kim is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, life purpose coach, and lover of all things cat related. She originally found yoga as a way to help manage the stress of the legal field, but she experienced shifts inside her that were so profound that she felt a calling to share yoga with the world. She believes yoga is the best tool we have to heal ourselves and be the change. She is passionate about incorporating yoga and life coaching to help people manifest their true desires for an integrated form of mind, body, and soul coaching. She loves laughing, singing, mantra music, and shares tips on how to live a more blissful life.



  1. What a Great article on a Great teacher of yoga, business, and life! I was so excited when a friend forwarded me this article; Shamika facilitated a yoga and guided meditation session for my company’s employees at Local Lighthouse here in Costa Mesa. Everything about Shamika breathes love, light, and success! Thx for featuring and supporting such a wonderful talent.
    P. Rastrelli

  2. When I’m in one of Shamika’s yoga classes, it’s definitely one of my absolute favorite times of the week! She has amazing energy & really helps bring out the best in all her yogis :) Awesome article & thanks for sharing.

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