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Sticking to a healthy daily routine is challenging. And it’s even harder to maintain all the habits that we worked so hard to establish when we travel. But if we plan ahead, we can stay healthy while traveling without it being a stressful process. So enjoy your travels and plan ahead with these tips:

Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

1. Probiotic power.

Since our immune system resides mostly in our digestive tract, start taking vitamin C and a good probiotic two weeks before your trip so that the immune system in your gut is strong enough to fight off any pathogen that might come in contact with your body. Buy them in ready-to-go powder forms like Emergen-C or probiotic powder packs to easily add to your water bottle.

2. Sleep well.

Melatonin pills, lavender oil, chamomile tea, ear plugs and an eye mask are items that I never leave behind while traveling. These items will help you relax and sleep better. They also help the body adjust to different time zones faster and easier.

3. Healthy snack packs.

Pack food and snacks (like veggie wraps, granola bars, dried fruits and nuts) with you for the car ride or flight. Traveling can be a little hectic, and sometimes we reach for the chocolate or the fries to release the stress and as a quick fix. It is great if you have something healthy on hand. Just remember if you are flying internationally you can bring these snacks with you on the plane, but you can’t bring them with you into another country.

Just make sure to eat portions smaller than those you would typically prepare at home. This will prevent indigestion and bloating.

7. Fiber is your friend.

I get a little constipated while I travel so I always bring along flax seeds and chia seeds for added fiber and for the benefits of their proteins and omega 3’s. Sprinkle them on food or even on your juice and water.

8. Yoga on the go.

Do sun salutations, warriors, half pigeons, and heart openers whenever you can find free time (for example, at the airport or in your hotel room). The body and the mind need deep breaths and gentle movement to stay strong, flexible, and relaxed.

9. Yoga travel deals.

If you are traveling in the U.S, check out Groupon and Craigslist. These sites offer excellent deals for yoga around your area at minimal cost.

10. Ask around.

Ask friends on social media if they have visited the area where you are headed. They may have tips for where to find healthy restaurants, markets, yoga studios or gyms.

11. H2O.

Stay hydrated. It is easy to forget to drink water when we are so distracted with new settings. But forgetting to hydrate can make us feel tired and achy. It can even cause us to confuse hunger for thirst.

12. Lastly, be kind to yourself.

Follow these steps but relax and do the best you can without letting worry take over your vacation. Remember that health starts within!

4. Cook in your room.

Opt to stay in a hotel with a kitchen or a fridge so that you can prepare some quick and healthy meals on the go.

5. Research Restaurants.

Research the healthy restaurants and health food stores that are around the area you will be visiting. Two great sources are tripadvisor.com and happycow.com. These websites give you information and reviews about restaurants, health food stores, and farmer’s markets worldwide.

6. Eat well with portion control.

Give yourself the freedom to enjoy new cuisines while you travel.



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